Global: rule of law strength

We track perceived strength of the Rule of Law across the world.  In the largest tracking study of its kind, we monitor over 160 countries.  Use the map below to see current results (% of the population who rate their country’s Rule of Law as “strong”).

results by region

Overall, 54.9% of the world’s population currently rate the Rule of Law in their country as “strong.” This varies significantly by continent. Oceanian (60%) and Asian (63%) populations have the highest ratings.  The lowest ratings are found among the populations of Africa (47%) and South America (28%).

results by income

The biggest differences in the feedback are driven by income. 70% of high income respondents rated the Rule of Law in ther country as “strong.”   In contrast, this falls to 51% for respondents from lower income brackets.

results by gender

Gender also plays a role in the feedback. Males tend to perceive the Rule of Law as stronger than Females. The difference is relatively small (5%pts) but it is statistically significant.


how improve?

We ask all respondents to comment on how they would like to see the Rule of Law improved.  Equality and more indepence for the law were the top 2 themes from our text analytics model: 


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